i'm a bore.

we have long lost the faith.

Aug 9

not one to be bound by the truth.

i thought everything would be fine if i could just see you one last time, i was never one to be so wrong, but i can firmly say that i’m not fine.

Jun 29

the righteous duel

people are so eager to jump at the chance that they fail to see who’s the one handing it out.

Nov 10

one by one.

i’ll come back, slowly. i’ll take time, surely. and i’ll forget, entirely. all of this, partially. because most of this, kills me. and most of this, is mine, truly.

Nov 9

and doubts and assumptions is all it shall be!

floating once again! into space i’ve never been! float and float i’ll always be! and off to shore when i’m bout to sleep, but even then the dreams are weak, and can’t fend off what’s troubling me.

Sep 22

i’m back up in space, and this time, i’m rather glad.

there is no tale like a fairy tale, not in this world, but i choose to not believe there isn’t.

Aug 23

throw your thoughts and let it go, don’t change to what you think you know.

set things right, let me write, hold your hate for me tonight, give me chance to fight for life. this will not ignite my mind, i’ll take back what i have in sight.

Aug 17

tear down walls.

some people feel like they need redemption, some of us think we might need a little more, something more than redemption, something more pleasant and light, like a pigeon. no please, not a pigeon! some of us, needs to put title here.

Jul 7

many many not misplaced, many many here to stay.

make some magic with your glove, show your teeth and fight the world, stop my words i’ll cut the bow, to save us from a night in town. many many broken cards i’ll like to count, scars of those were meant to frown. ace of heart, it wears a gown, brings patterns to your two front shoes, silly me your hands are stain, with more than groove don’t talk with bruise. we’re a little excited and over our heads, but please just stop and end the stakes.

Jun 6

i’ve got enough strings on my back.

pick a bone with those you work, because all this time you’ve failed
to work, it’s trying it’s best to jam your work. they should stop smiling i’m sure that’ll work.

and a rabbit said to me, “hey, i think you’re through with this!”.

i wanna say i’m sick and tired of it all. i wanna say i’m dropping it all. i wanna stop trying to please all your woes. i wanna stop and do what i want more. thank you for giving me the chance to stop doing it at all.

Jan 17

the god’s hammer.

do you believe in a hammer so heavy, no one can lift it but me? do you believe in a hammer so magical, there’s nothing it can do but listen to me? it was made by my people oh how embarrassing, people, oh, how, embarrassing. it was made by the great civilians of my kingdom oh how embarrassing, my kingdom, oh, how, embarrassing. it was made by the great minds this brilliant land has to offer. but when i hold the hammer, something seems to change, these people so kind, seem to bow before me, these land so wide seems to shrink in size. when i hold the hammer there’s nothing i fear, except for spiders when they are near, because even a magic hammer, couldn’t destroy a creepy spider, with its eight legs tingling alongside a web made of toxins only it can handle. but i learn not to fear, for it is only a spider, as it and i thread lightly, i remember i have greater things to worry. my brother so mischievous with all his magic and pranks, he knows no limit even i could see no end. but he’s my brother nonetheless, i have to find him and make amend. for when i drop this magic hammer, he seems to stop all his act, and come with me to laugh and share our pact.

the best part is YET to come. ah you lying prick.

you can be so weird at times, where you say things which don’t exist, what century do you live in i always wonder, what type of flaws make you happy, what am i talking about, flaws that make you happy? why there are but many i can name, there’s the one you feel when you are angry, where you make a point you always wanted to make. there’s the one where you feel so insecure, that this sentence won’t make seem to make sense no matter how many times you read it. there’s the one that never stops calling, it’s like a voice that guides or harm your bridge. there’s the one who’s like an angel, always saying good stuff you never want to hear, and there’s the one who’s like a devil, always saying bad stuff you wish you never heard. i’m not here to tell you what i’ve learned, for there’s nothing i’ve learned if i’ve learned anything i’ve learned so far. all but mimicry is what all these are. so stop being what you aren’t and go back to being ours.

the start is so boring!

there’s nothing there for me, you told me with such sureness. i’ve been through it all, i’ve seen it all and come back here, there’s nothing you need there that you don’t have it here, there’s nothing i can’t give that you can want there, why won’t you stay here like a normal person? for why do i have to be normal? is it always so right to be yours? for breaking away is what i hope, i’m not the same, i always change, i’m always sicken by the thought of me, do you think there’s nothing for me that you can’t give? what do you think of roses with my name, stars that aren’t there and birds that chirp like sounds i hate. for once, i’m leaving to find a heart, a heart that’s mine that’s been aside, all we need is a little time, a time to tell us we aren’t so right, all our promises were enough to last, till today i think we’ll call it a truce, i’ll make a fit of what’s left of us, you tell the story of how i never last, and how i always break promises that were always meant to last. i’m not sorry for once, i know that this will all be done, please take your hand and shove it away, i’m feeling hatred from seeing my face, glistening so close to yours, for i know that once i go, i will never be able to see you again and before that time comes, i want to know what it feels like, to be so hated by you, that you can’t stand to hold me anymore, and for once i’ll know what it feels like to be you.

Dec 31

thank you more please.

to be normal again thank you more please to be normal again thank you more please.

Dec 13

and on and long and more and now it’s gone.

we’ll kill, we’ll steal, all the spotlights feel, i’m on, my heels, with cat like skills. all the worries, of bills, are long concealed, tonight, let’s heal, and reel, and will, and seal, till all our pills are nil.

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